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Deferred Financing Cost

Deferred Financing Cost is a very elaborate term but the general definition of this is nothing but the amount or the liability to be paid by the debtor to his moneylender only after a certain period of time i.e. the debtor gets the loan amount from the moneylender but his liability will start after a certain time period, say six months. This is called as a deferred financing cost or something that is delayed for payment.

There are many advantages in the case of a deferred financing cost, both to the debtor as well as the moneylenders. In case of the debtors, the option of a deferred payment means that he/she has that extra bit of time to recuperate and get a strong hold in whatever they are doing with the loan amount rather than have the burden of paying installments right from the beginning.

For example, a person might apply for loan for his new business venture that is innovative and high revenue generating. He might get his loan sanctioned but he may not be able to pay back installments in the very next month since his business has to gain some momentum in the market. So, with the help of a deferred financing cost option that is available in the accounting field, the person can start giving his principal amount along with the interest rates only after a period of normally six months. This relaxed time period can be extended to even three years as well. So, if he does opt for a three year relaxation, the chances of that person to steady himself are very high. Once he has gained that upper hand then paying back the entire amount within the term proposed during the loan sanction can be done in jiffy by that person considering his present financial position. This deferred financial cost is a seriously high benefit option and people can very well make the full use of it to upgrade their financial situations.

Though deferred financial cost is greatly advantageous to the debtors, it is equally advantageous for the moneylenders as well. This is because the interest rates with this option are very high and moneylenders greatly benefit with this and no wonder they term DFC as an asset rather than a liability. On the whole, DFC is a very novel idea and can yield great benefits if it is used appropriately.

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