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Financing Weight Loss Surgery

Weight loss surgery could have a remarkable positive impact on an individual’s body and health image. Unfortunately, the weight loss surgery is highly expensive as it requires various lab tests to be conducted, actual surgery, hospital stay as well as long-term follow-up. Whether an individual has insurance, he will have to mostly finance some part of weight loss surgery. In case an individual isn’t insured or probably your carrier is not willing to pay for the surgery then the entire surgery amount has to be financed.

Step 1:

Firstly, consult the physician or the local hospital about the fees regarding the weight loss surgery. This fee generally includes laboratory fees, consultations and charges for the stay depending on the number of days the patient is required to stay. Having knowledge about the fees and services will make it easy to explore various financing options. If in case the doctor is not sure about the fees involved, you can also visit the registration office in the hospital. Sometimes the registration office’s have access to surgical fees related to weight loss surgery stay, knowing this information will aid in avoiding any unexpected bills later.

Step 2:

Secondly, contact the insurance company to understand what fees or else what percentage of surgical fees it is ready to cover. Most of the insurance companies tend to cover few expenses related to weight loss surgery, only requirement is that the surgery needs to be recommended by the physician. Make sure to inform the insurance company about the services related to weight loss surgery as well as the surgical fees to ensure that the information to be received is accurate.

Step 3:

If the insurance company has denied your request for the weight loss surgery procedure, then ask the insurance company to review your finance request. It generally happens wherein insurance companies at first deny a request on the basis of technicality and later when an appeal is made they approve it. At times the physician also helps with appeal process.

Step 4:

Ask your doctor regarding patient financing. In many of the doctor’s offices where weight loss surgery is performed offers patient financing. This is only available for patients who don’t have a medical insurance else for whom the medical insurance company has denied to cover the weight loss surgery.

In case the physician is not offering any finance, a loan can be obtained from the bank or else credit union so that it can be used for the surgery.

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They are some regulations with the health insurance policies and they allow and finance only for the treatments which are in their list and very popular in medical field. This type of weight loss surgery is not financed by the company if that person has medical insurance.

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