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Tip of the Day If You Don't Understand How An Investment Works, Don't Buy It

If You Don't Understand How An Investment Works, Don't Buy It - One of the most common mistakes made by people is buying things that they don't understand, and that...

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Mba In Finance

Master of Business administration, or the so-called “MBA”, is a master level of business education, and a lot of people are interested in this form of economic education. In the last few years there was a huge interest in studying this type of education, because of the good career development which you can expect. And a good reason for getting an MBA in order to be more qualified and have a good job and salary, is the last few years’ crisis.

There are two types of MBA programs. The first ones are called General and often are in regular form. They are intended for young people who have short professional experience and want to receive some manager skills. The second type of MBA programs is called Executive MBA. They are a bit different from the first ones. In this case the candidate should have some length of service. It is often three to five years working as a manager.

The main advantage of the MBA education is the fact that you don’t have to have economic education before starting the program. It’s all about the professional experience you have by this time. MBA is not only an addition to your CV but for working people who want to and have to get the maximum of a firm.

In the MBA education you can also get some practice experience by the exercise and projects you have to prepare. In this way you can also assimilate and harden your knowledge and skills in the area of finance and management. For practical projects you use real cases of business so that is the way you get more and more management skills.

Usually people who start the MBA education are thirty or more years old. The reason for this is the needed professional experience in management area. There is an expectation that after thirty years’ life you must have already got most of the needed qualities for the master degree. For example, skills in team work, personal characteristics, loyalty, discipline, communication skills, etc.

In the developed European countries and the United States MBA programs are very important and compulsory part of education and professional experience when you are searching for a job or you want to get into a good university. According to some statistics, just 15% of the needed skills are your education and knowledge- the other 85 % is the MBA education.

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Definition of the Day Employee Stock Ownership Plan

Employee Stock Ownership Plan - an Employee stock ownership plan is a trust by a corporation to its employees. It is a plan to make the employees part owners of the company by allowing them to purchase shares of the company. Contributions are made by the employee to the...

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