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Roles Of Finance Manager

A financial manager manages the monetary affairs of the entity or organization and helps them attain the organizations goal in an effective way. The organization now consists of a separate department to take care of the finance activities and effectively manage the funds.

Management of money and assets are the basis functions of the finance manager. The finance manager manages the funds and capital that are required for the business activities. The functions of the finance manager are not only confined to the management and preparation of the accounts, but deal with various decisions that have to be taken with respect to dividend, capital budget and structure, and also with respect to the investment decisions made by the company.

The role and the responsibilities of the finance manager varies from each organization but their basic roles are that of payroll for the employees, bookkeeping the various transactions of the company, accounting functions, procurement of capital, financial reporting and strategic planning. The role is acquisition, financing and the management of assets with an ultimate goal in mind. The functions circle around the ultimate goal.

The main decisions that the finance manager has to take are with respect to the investment, financing and asset management. The role of decision taker, forecasting and planner and coordinator and controller of funds are the roles of the finance managers. The role of decision taker is that he considers the best option to take in respect to the investments to be made, the various financing options available. The major investment decisions are to be made only by the financial managers. The financial managers must interact and coordinate the various activities of the organization. Since all business decisions have a financial implication, the manager must be efficient to consider the best possible option among them.

The organization also interacts with the market and hence the securities of the firm that are traded in the market have to be monitored by them. The risk analysis is also taken care of by these managers. All management faces risk when it comes to the volatile market, many of the risk can be reduced by purchase of insurance or the hedging in the derivatives market. Asset management is also one of the functions of them, where the financial policies could affect the turnover of current asset while the fixed assets are affected by the firm’s operations. Hence the financial manager is performing these roles to manage the funds, help them take decisions and attain the organization goal in an effective way. 



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