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Structured Asset Finance

The definition of asset financing is using an asset as the means of security for obtaining a loan. While the loan is ongoing the assets cannot be transferred or sold as well as to be used in the form of quick liquidation and they need to be free of debt. When participants make use of assets in structured asset finance this method is defined as securitization.

Assets which are tangible can be made use of in the structuring of facilitating the line of credit. There are a wide variety of assets that are used widely. An asset that can be used as security interest is accounts receivable balances. The use of inventories is also another form of security to use against obtaining lenders. Equipment or property that has a value which has been maintained is another form of a financing strategy. Let’s take a look at the many reasons to make use of structured asset finance. A company is in a position to obtain property and equipment by using asset financing without using their capital. For example, in case a company wishes to sever a business relationship with a business partner asset financing may be used as cash to provide an exit package. This process wouldn’t disturb the cash flow of the company. When a loan is taken against asset financing the interest rate given is considered to be low. Business loans which already exist may carry a larger interest rate. It is certainly beneficial to the company that asset financing is in its best interest rather than paying high interest on loans.

Transaction time in asset financing takes little time. Initially the assets that are used in the form of security will be verified that they are the borrower’s property. Once this is authenticated and if the lender is satisfied the financing can begin quickly. Unlike a business loan with its many traditional rules and regulations, asset financing takes place in double quick time without too much structure involved. This is very advantageous to both parties where the borrower and lender create their own structure in asset financing.

This process is replacing the term commercial financing. Many big banks have joined finance companies and addressing the finance needs of these companies that do not have the traditional business loan regulations. Even though structured asset finance is seemingly popular now financing strategies such as inventory loans and second mortgage loans are also high in today’s market.

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