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Canada Government Funding

In order to achieve sustained economic growth, reduce unemployment and remove disparities in employment levels across different regions, governments continue to remain the major stakeholders in economic development and Canada government funding is no exception to this. Every year Canada government announces special programs and grants to businesses, students, community organizations, and educational institutions to foster economic development and generate employment. The Government of Canada is supporting its citizens to effectively run their businesses and keep working even during tough economic times.

Canada government funding is available to anyone who is above eighteen years of age for anything from education to setting up new businesses or expanding the existing ones or repay home loans. One can browse through several programs and resources online to obtain step-by-step guide on how to obtain benefits from an available Canada government funding.

Government of Canada has always provided a supportive environment for the development of businesses and individuals. Canada government funding for businesses are available mostly as financial business grants to promote sectors that are flourishing as well as provide financial aid to sectors that are not doing well. Generally getting Canada government funding is a three-step process starting from finding about available programs and the costs they cover; finding the eligibility and the assessment criteria; and last but not least is timely proposal submission.

Even though the first step is very time consuming and can deter one to further pursue Canada government funding, there are now agencies that can help one identify the right business grant for their idea. Once this initial search is over, the concentration now shifts towards meeting the eligibility and the assessment criteria. While assessing the proposal the Canada government funding agencies would like to examine the potential benefits and the adverse impact of the proposition on existing business environment. The next thing they will consider is the potential economic benefit in terms of new job creation and the long term economic viability of the project to sustain the jobs that has been created.

The other most sought after Canada government funding is the grant to students. These are given to individuals who are not able complete their education due to insufficient funds. There are different grants for school students, college going students and for those attending universities. The grants are given to students who come from economically backward families or have families dependent on them. Grants are given to physically disable students for their housing and education, while special grants are given to female students who are pursuing their doctoral research and looking for assistance on completing the same.

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