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Education And Funding

Education is a process where a person is able to learn from an experience. It is acquiring or sharing a general knowledge, where a person’s reasoning power and judgment is developed. Funding education is fulfilling because it helps an individual to be intellectually prepared in any endeavor. It helps in acquiring knowledge from an act and developing talents from our mentors or teachers. That is why the government allocates a big percentage of their budget to education. Education Funding is one of the major thrusts of most private companies. It is good to know that private companies have changed focus by not limiting their concern to profit but also in sharing their success to the community. As part of extending community service they provide funding from educational grants to deserving individuals. These efforts should be duplicated to ensure that all individuals have one goal and to provide quality education for our children.

The progress of a nation lies on the values, attitude and discipline of its citizens. If you educate an individual you are educating the whole humanity. This is the reason why education is an important factor of a nations’ development. Funding one’s education should be planned. It is not only for the individual itself but for the whole nation as a whole. All of us know that the future of our nation lies in our youth since their success is also our success and their failure is our failure. In every family, education should be the primary concern. It is one of the basic needs and the most important treasure one can give to his children. It is just proper that we need to give the best education to our children. Funding the education of our children is not easy as it was before. If you want to send your child to a private school, you need to work hard to earn more. Education in a private school is expensive nowadays. In funding education we also need to consider expenses for books, high tuition fees and miscellaneous expenses.

Every child has a right to get proper education. Giving enough education funding is every nation’s mission and goal. We all have great dreams for our children but in any part of the world there are always less fortunate individuals. With this, the nations’ role is to support the educational needs of these children. This is one of the problems in most poor countries. Funding the expenses of our youths’ education should be one of the major concerns of every citizen to ensure a better future.

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