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First American Funds

The First American Fund, Inc (FAF) was formed in the state of Minnesota with the name “First American Money Fund, Inc.” in the year 1982. Later in the year 1990, the name was changed to “First American Funds, Inc. FAF has 100% independent board of directors. Their goal is to help investors, find out opportunities and lessen risk in investing.

FAF has a series of funds, and presently issued its shares in 5 series. Each series has different portfolio and act as separate mutual funds. Shareholders can purchase shares of each fund through different classes. All the funds are a varied series of an open-ended investment company as classified under the 1940 Act. First American Fund mutual fund family is the 34th biggest fund family in the United States. It has more than $56.5 billion in open ended fund. FAF also provides closed-end funds, separately managed accounts and through product intermediaries they provide sub-advisory services. It has 40 open-ended mutual funds with $74 billion in assets under management. In closed-end funds, it manages about $1 billion worth assets. The most important funds are First American Global Infrastructure fund, First American real estate securities fund, First American small cap select fund, and First American asset allocation funds.

First American Fund, Inc has a powerful product line like taxable fixed income and specialty diversifiers like real estate and global infrastructure. The Mutual funds are sold through financial advisors; and sub-advisory services and separately managed accounts for institutional investors.

First American Fund has some renowned economists in its panel, like Mr.Keith Hembre, the chief economist, who has been recognized as one of “the top five economic forecasters for 2008” for the second consecutive year. Moreover, all the members of FAF advisory team are well experienced executives in their respective areas of business and their business is strongly supported by its parent company, U.S. Bank National Association, which is the sixth largest commercial bank in the United States. First American Funds was listed in the February 2009 edition of Barron’s heralded, “The best Mutual fund families” of 2009. First American Fund has 46 portfolio managers and 35 research analysts.

First American funds, Inc., operates through a unique way of style, which makes them differentiate from others. The management team does the portfolio modifications to preserve the correct style of investment allocations and thereby manages its exposure to various factors such as regions, countries, and industries. This is based on the present market conditions and other opportunities. Further, the management team, based on their stance for long term returns, allocates assets to managers and sub-advisors; and combine the traditional portfolio’s, with modern specialty diversifiers to help lessen the risk and increase returns.

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