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Funding Special Education

Funding special education is one of the most funded entities in all of the United States with the sole purpose of offering education to children of special needs. There are many children who are unable to attend the traditional public funded educational system because their ailments and disabilities keep them from attending. The funding special education offers these disabled children the opportunity of a quality education while acknowledging their individual needs.

Funding special education is not an easy process to continue with because it also requires a special type of individual with an abundance of patience and understanding to have the resilience to work with special needs children. Offering individual attention while recognizing what the special needs children are living and suffering. What many citizens do not realize is that it takes all of the individual states to contribute to funding special education for the federal program to run efficiently.

Ultimately, the funding special education funds is withdrawn out of the federal general funds until such time as money is collected from every state in the union. Though this may cause undue burden on the federal general fund it is also causing an undue burden on individual states when the economy is not where it needs to be. When the national economy is experiencing a down turn and unemployment is, high it becomes difficult for the individual states to maintain a certain percentage of funds to contribute to the funding special education.

However, the federal government is also obligated to contribute up to twenty-five percent of incoming funds towards funding special education and there have been many times when it has not kept up with the federal obligations to the citizens. It is a shame that it is the children with special needs who are caught in the middle. The children in every state will suffer the consequences when the funding special education becomes slow.

Funding special education for children with special needs has increased on average of six percent per year and it continues to increase even though there are fewer children diagnosed with a special needs ailment. More to the point is the introduction of new technology that is being introduced that is causing the steady increase for funding special education.

We as a country have reached a plateau where the federal government is expected to step in to fill the void for those states today that are continuing to fall behind in their obligations because of high unemployment. There is no reason why the special needs children of a few states must be turned away because funding special education has been dismal or put on hold until a brighter future unfolds.

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