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Goldman Sachs Funds

Goldman Sachs is a large global bank which deals in securities investment management and investment banking. It provides an asset management service to clients through the Goldman Sachs funds family. Their products are very wide ranging and include domestic and international equity funds, and fixed income funds.

One of the Goldman Sachs funds is the fundamental equity growth funds which focus on a range of large cap, mid cap, and small cap growth stocks which research has identified as being good for long term ownership. A large cap growth fund will typically hold positions in low risk stocks of large cap companies, which are companies which have a value of more than eight billion. The idea is that growth will be consistent as the companies have very strong balance sheets.

Goldman Sachs funds have three funds which offer large cap growth stocks. One is a capital growth mutual fund. The second is a strategic growth fund which has companies with a long track record of good growth. The third is a concentrated growth fund which focuses on companies who are well positioned to produce long term growth.

The mid cap growth funds will hold positions in stock of companies whose value is less than eight billion but greater than one billion. As smaller companies, they are more likely to grow, but carry a greater percentage of risk than the large cap funds.

Goldman Sachs funds have one fund that offers mid cap growth stocks, and one that is combined with small cap growth stocks. The Goldman Sachs funds all cap growth fund offers a mixture of large, mid and small cap stocks which have long term potential.

Small cap companies are those whose worth is below one billion. The risk depends on the company, as some may be categorized as hot growth and technology, while others may be temporarily undervalued by the stock market and so are not as risky. Goldman Sachs funds can have a mixture of mid cap and small cap companies which have been selected as offering a high quality growth.

The Goldman Sachs funds family also includes fundamental equity value funds. These are businesses that have been identified as being high quality businesses that are competitively valued. Research into them indicates that they will perform well in the future. The four funds consist of two large cap value stock funds, one mid cap value stocks fund and one small cap value stocks fund.

Goldman Sachs funds family offers structured funds which have broad diversification but which have the potential for higher returns. These structured funds are controlled by very experienced and skilled portfolio managers.

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