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Latin American Funds

The most significant decision a manager or a general partner of a fund must take is choosing an investment plan and purpose for the fund. The second most significant decision is where to domicile the fund.

The present local trend is to build offshore structures. In the case of Latin American managers, these funds are usually incorporated either in the British Virgin Islands or the Cayman Islands. Less familiar choices for Latin American funds contain Bermuda, the Bahamas, Guernsey and Jersey.

Although there is a growing interest in authority such as Ireland or Luxembourg, they are still costly and heavily synchronized for Latin American managers. At year-end 1994, the average Latin American fund's total profit was -14.24 percent, according to Lipper Analytical Services. In 1995, as the number of Latin American funds had grown, their performance was still horrible - down, on average, -20.56 percent.

In 1996, things twisted around. By year-end, total profits for the average Latin American fund were up 25.91 percent. Last year, the story was yet spicier. Through October 16, the average fund increased more than 45 percent. One month later, Latin American funds had lost abundance of ground - the average year-to-date return was 5.53 percent. By December 4, things had altered again: The average fund had a year-to-date total profit of 23.65 percent.

In the previous five years, joint funds in Latin America have more than doubled in size, from US$82 billion to US$186 billion. In the three chief markets -- Brazil, Mexico and Argentina -- assets under management have grown jointly at a yearly rate of 18 percent. Looking at each market independently, Argentina has been growing 65 percent yearly compared with a yearly growth rate of 22 percent in Mexico and 16 percent in Brazil.

Currently, controllers in Latin America are changing the policies to let investors to expand risk through new assets. It is believed that the fund industry in Latin America will carry on its quick growth in the years forward.

Following are some of the Latin American funds: Scottish widows Latin American funds, Blackrock Latin American funds, Threadneedle Latin American funds, Findlay park Latin American funds, Aberdeen Latin American funds, Fidelity Latin American funds, Invesco Perpetual Latin American funds, BGF Latin American funds, T. Rowe price Latin American funds.

Spending in Latin American funds, therefore, is done with the hope that any increase in a fund's net asset price will be continued and the understanding that these salsa funds will be anything but stable.

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