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Pension Fund Annuity

In this day and age, when the economy is at a low and slowly recovering from the recession, the general public is looking more and more at the possibility if obtaining a pension fund annuity. Retirement is a big issue for any family and often times families still have children at home who are going to university and require funds, or the house mortgage is not fully paid. A pension fund annuity would provide for the extra money needed.

A pension fund annuity has two components, a retirement pension and an annuity. The retirement pension is a way of saving money for retirement. The thought of saving so much money to afford a decent quality of life after retirement seems daunting for many people. With the day-to-day living expenses it just does not seem possible. Even if families are able to put away a little nest egg, chances are they dig into it and fall short of their retirement goals. When investing in a pension fund annuity, money is put aside in the fund to be used solely for retirement and the temptation to withdraw the funds are not as great as it is when the family simply has a bank savings account.

There are several types of retirement pension funds and most of them can be set up at the bank, financial institution, and through an employer. The advantage of having a retirement pension plan with an employer is that employer often contributes to the plan as well. Retirement pension plans may be taxable or non-taxable depending upon the type of plan.

Taxes taken out of from the total amount of the plan at retirement can eat up quite a bit of the principle and leave the family with less money than expected. This is where the pension fund annuity becomes a sound investment. A pension fund annuity can offset the temptation to spend the lump some retirement fund foolishly by providing scheduled installments. This way the family, who has opted for a pension fund annuity, budget their pension income wisely by selecting payments to be distributed on a quarterly, semi-annual, or annual basis.

This way the money accumulated in the fund can last a lifetime. This type of fund usually is quite pricey especially if the purchaser does not work for a company who offers a retirement plan. However, a whole life insurance annuity is a form of a low cost pension fund annuity. The attraction of this kind of pension source is that if the policy owner dies before receiving the total amount due, the remaining money in the fund will transfer to the named beneficiary.

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