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Mutual Funds
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Buy Mutual Funds

Mutual funds can only be bought from advisors and financial fund managers who are registered to sell them. In order for these advisors to receive their registration certification they are put trained and educated and then must pass federal and provincial exams that will license them to buy and sell or trade mutual funds for their clients. They must also be in the employ of a licensed company that is registered to work on behalf of clients.

Mutual funds can be bought in a variety of ways and through many sources which can include: banks, trust companies, mutual fund dealers, credit unions and brokerage firms. There are also mutual fund companies that specialize in selling their mutual funds directly to the public.

When considering investing into mutual funds you should always insure that the advisors you speak with are registered with provincial securities regulator (Canada). Your advisor should be willing to speak openly and honestly about investing and be able to explain any questions you have. Ask him about fees involved with mutual funds and hidden or loaded costs. Your advisor or fund manager should be able to sit down with you and tailor a portfolio that is compatible with your financial circumstance.

You should research the risks involved in all mutual funds and don't take for granted if someone tells you it did well for the last four or five years...this is no indicator of what it will do in the next. You should also avoid or even ignore hot tips. More often hot tips may have a greater return but they will also have far higher rick factors where you could lose all or a good portion of your investments. The investor should not allow the name of an investment company to sway them for although you want a reputable company you still need to make sure the funds you are choosing are good investments.

Mutual funds can be a wise and prudent investment opportunity but make sure you investigate and come to well informed decisions. Diversity is still the key word when it comes to lower to mid size investors and a good fund manager will help you with this according to your means.

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