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Dreyfus mutual funds

Dreyfus is one of the leading investment managers in the world. The company was formed in 1951 in New York City and is backed by the global financial giant Bank of New York Mellon Asset Management. Dreyfus delivers tried and true investment strategies and financial products. Dreyfus has a diversified portfolio, with over 900 billion in assets uniquely assessable to its clients.

Dreyfus mutual funds

Dreyfus provides an extensive lineup of mutual funds including equity, bond and money market funds that will satisfy nearly all asset allocation plans, to facilitate and diversity just about any portfolio. Dreyfus funds also provide several equity and bond investment styles in areas such as index funds, tax-exempt bond funds for different states, and treasury funds.

Furthermore, to meet the needs of its clients, Dreyfus offers a full lineup of both taxable and tax-exempt money management funds.

Besides being available to institutions Dreyfus also offers products to the financial community as well. There are both open ended and close-ended products. They have large cap and small cap stocks, to fit every budget. Small cap companies are smaller companies often starting out. They have a high potential for growth, but at the same time they can be very risky in that there is no performance history to prove stability in the market. Large cap corporations are the biggest companies on the market and are the safest investment. They are also called blue chip companies.

In 1966, Dreyfus started with the Short-Term High-Yield Fund, which was later called the Dreyfus Limited Term High Income Fund in 1996. The popularity of this bond grew and the competition soon started offering this sort of bond.

Generally speaking, a short-term bond will come to maturity in three years or less, an intermediate bond will mature in ten years or less, and a long-term bond will mature any time after ten years.

Ever conscious of the needs of its investors, Dreyfus introduced their "Basic" funds which effectively had lower operating costs affording the investor higher profits. Dreyfus also provides specialty mutual funds, which were created for specific investments goals and needs and levels of risk management. Dreyfus also offers blend funds, geared towards the investor's investment maturity.

The benefits of going with Dreyfus is the extensive lineup of products that is so diversified that it can provide a balanced portfolio and keep down costs at the same time. When the need to rebalance is necessary Dreyfus is there with several mutual fund options. When investors use one fund family they don't have new loads to contend with every time they switch, furthermore, fund exchanges within the same family are free.

Dreyfus provides a selection of international mutual funds, in their bonds and stocks options. When the American climate is in decline an investor will have the ability to purchase internationally and still expect a profit.

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