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Mutual Funds
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Federated Mutual Funds

Federated Investors, Inc. is a United States investment management company, which started in 1955 and has since reached out to millions of clients, investors and customers all around the world. With more than $392.3 billion in assets under management, Federated Investors, Inc. is one of the giants of the investment industry in the nation.

Throughout the more than 50 years in business, Federated has prided itself on its ability to hone a disciplined investment style in order to provide investors with about 150 international and domestic money market funds, both of the equity and the fixed-income variety.

A money market fund is simply a mutual fund that must put its client's money into low-risk securities. Because this stipulation is required by law, it gives these funds a relatively low-risk profile than some of the other types of mutual funds on the market. Other important money market features are that they try and hold their net asset value at $1 per share and they pay shareholders dividends that are generally in line with short-term interest rates. They invest in areas such as government securities, certificates of deposits, and commercial paper of companies.

The money market mutual funds are considered very safe investment, even though they are not insured. This is because within the fund are usually holdings like federal government Treasury Bills. The chances of default on this type of security are very low due to the government's freedom to raise funds via taxes in order to cover expenses.

As with any type of financial undertaking, it's important to get a handle on exactly what this type of investment this is in order to best know how to interpret the data uncovered. When one invests in a mutual fund, one is essentially investing in a company that has been created for the sole expressed purpose of investing money. The mutual fund, then, receives its principal, assets and stock from individuals, who invest their money with the mutual fund with the understanding that the mutual fund will make most, if not all, decisions on the investment of their money.

It is common for a mutual fund company to employ technical analysts to aid in monitoring the fund's investments. Typically, these analysts keep their eyes focused on trading volumes and price movements in order to try and uncover patterns of certain stocks regarding their price behaviors. They also track commodities, other mutual funds, and options in identified sectors of the market and the financial markets overall.

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