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Mutual Funds
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Good Mutual Fund

Mutual funds are unlike normal stock funds. A stock fund is a single security. The performance of the stock will determine if the stock price rises or falls. A mutual fund is a group of securities that managed by a fund manager and is purchased as a single security. A mutual fund has a fee attached to the fund in order to pay the cost of manager. The manager(s) is person who watches and invests the capital into certain securities with the goal of making a positive return.

Mutual fund growth usually follows the pattern of the general stock market. If the market is on the upswing, the mutual funds usually grow. If the market is in a down turn, the mutual funds generally lose value. Mutual funds are usually purchased on a long term basis. Most people will keep investing even when the market is dropping. The cost of the mutual fund is lower, so more funds can be purchased for less capital. Mutual funds tend to a more safer investment because its investments are in different things, unlike a stock fund. The fund manager is responsible for securing the fund by investing in numerous commodities. This keeps the fund from being to risky There are some mutual funds that are less risky then others. The investor can choose if he wants a more risky , a moderate, or less risky fund. The more risky the fund is, the higher return. However the chance of losing money is far greater with a risky fund.

What makes a good mutual fund is mainly performance. The activity of that account over a period of time determines if the fund is a good investment. Mutual funds are long term. You can judge a mutual fund by a short period of time. The past 2 years or even 5 years is a good way to determine a good mutual fund.

A mutual fund that shows a solid growth pattern is a good investment. There will always be times that a fund price will drop. This is because of market over all market conditions. This is why you have to look at the long term record of the fund, and the percentage of growth. Some very good mutual funds will drop in price for several months, but then will rebound, over a short period of time.

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