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Good Mutual Funds

The range of mutual funds available is varied and there are definitely lots to choose from. From Index funds to actively managed funds there is a wide range of size and orientation to satisfy everyone's needs. The trick when investing though is to make money not lose money at the end of the year or pay large fees for a small return on your investment. So the big issue is to try and discover what is a good mutual fund that will make a good profit for the purchaser. In this article we will try and look at some of the things that if you are going to invest in mutual funds you should check into before making any purchases.

One of the first things which is true with almost any business transaction is to find out if the fund manager has a strong reputation as being knowledgeable, honest and whether his goal will be to out perform the market and come out ahead of the competition. If your manager picks winners the investors have a tendency to pour money into it, possibly chasing returns. A managers track record will often give you a heads up on the outcome of a particular fund and often financial publications the best funds are written up with the manager as top favorites.

The second item you should check for when looking where to invest is the cost involved. A good fund will have low expenses and low costs overall. It should be a no load fund and have no 12 B-1 fees tacked on. Another indicator is to check out the expense ratio of the mutual fund which will tell you what the yearly costs are. Use this to compare with other expense ratio in other funds.

If you are going to purchase mutual funds you should demand that you only want a no load fund. What are load funds? They are mutual funds that you must either pay extra when you buy them or extra in order to sell them. Be wary of claims that by purchasing these loaded funds you will get a much higher return of your investment but this is not always the case, in fact you often earn less when the costs are calculated.

Size is another aspect of investing in mutual funds that must be considered. If a fund becomes too popular too many investors will buy into it but this could spell trouble for the fund. As it grows too unwieldy the managers often have a tendency to close these funds to the public.

Lastly when considering your purchase check to see if Smart Money, Kiplinger's, Barron's or Money Magazine lists the fund as making the grade as a great investment opportunity. Look for familiar names and use these types of publications as a screening tool to help you decide on what investments you wish to make

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