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HDFC Mutual Funds

HDFC mutual funds are offered by the HDFC Asset Management Company. The company is located in India, and was incorporated in 1999. They have over three million investors, and utilize over 30,000 ARN certified distributors.

The company takes pride in offering funds that are thoroughly researched to adjust for market trends, and they seek potential growth sectors. They do not wish to have their investors taking unnecessary risks. Their goal is to provide steady income over the long term with minimal risk.

These mutual funds are divided into six categories. They are: equity/growth fund, liquid funds, children's gift fund, debt/income fund, fixed maturity plan, and quarterly interval fund. There is a category to fit everyone's investing plans and needs.

The first category is equity/growth fund. There are seventeen funds. The primary focus is on long-term growth.

The second one is liquid funds. There are five funds. This category provides a high level of liquidity through investing in money market and debt instruments.

The third one is children's gift fund. There are two funds. They are savings or investment funds designed for long-term growth to be passed down to a child.

The fourth one is dead/income fund. There are thirteen funds in this category. The primary goal is safe, optimal return using money market and debt instruments.

The fifth category is fixed maturity plan. There are seventy two funds. The focus is on providing regular income by using money market instruments, debt instruments, and government securities. These funds are close-ended interval funds.

The last category is quarterly interval fund. There is only one fund. It is designed to generate regular income by using money market/debt instruments, and government securities. It is an open-ended interval fund.

The funds have won awards in 2008 and 2009. They have won awards from CRISIL, Lipper, and IRCA. The awards were for best performance, or most consistent.

As with any investing, it is wise to do extensive research. Look for mutual funds that are balanced and perform well over an extended period. Watch for those that promise higher than normal growth, or no risk.

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