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Mutual Funds
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    Largest Mutual Fund Companies

    The top 25 largest mutual fund companies are: (FDRXX)Fidelity Cash Reserves, (PTTRX) PIMCO:Tot Rtn;Inst, (CJPXX)JPMorgan:Prime MM;Cap, (VMMXX)Vanguard Prime MM;Inv, (SPDR) Trust;1, (OGVXX) JPMorgan:US Gvt MM;Cap, (AGTHX)American Funds Gro;A, (FIGXX)Fidelity IMM:Govt;I, (CAIBX) American Funds CIB;A, (TMPXX) BlkRk Lq:TempFund;Instl, (FGTXX)Finl Sq:Govt;FST , (CWGIX)American Funds CWGI;A, (FCNTX)Fidelity Contrafund,

    (VTSMX)Vanguard T Stk Idx;Inv, (AMECX)American Funds Inc;A, (AIVSX)American Funds ICA;A, (VFINX) Vanguard 500 Index;Inv, (GOIXX)Federated Govt Obl;Inst, (VINIX) Vanguard Instl Indx;Inst,

    (JINXX)JPMorgan:Prime MM;Inst, (AEPGX)American Funds EuPc;A

    (DODGX) Dodge & Cox Stock, (AWSHX)American Funds Wash;A,

    (DICXX)Dreyfus Cash Mgt;Inst, and (DADXX) Dreyfus Inst CsAg;Inst

    The Securities and Exchange Commission(SEC) is responsible for overseeing how the mutual fund companies are keep up with government standards.

    Fidelity, Vanguard, American Funds, Dreyfus, and JP Morgan lead the way in the diversification of several mutual funds.

    Based on the list of the top largest mutual funds, Fidelity and Dodge and Cox Funds are no-load mutual fund companies. The basis for no-load mutual fund companies is that the buyer will not pay any transaction fees. The advantage of no-load mutual fund companies is that the buyer can contact the company and begin to get started in buying mutual funds. These companies offer to start a money market account and have access to withdrawing funds to personal accounts.

    Some no-load mutual fund companies engage in a mutual fund supermarket. The mutual fund supermarket gives the buyer the opportunity to select from different mutual funds. The company manages all the transactions with the funds and the buyer receives one personalized statement about the funds. One drawback to this method is the buyer has to put more fees out of pocket.

    Based on the list of the top largest mutual funds, Fidelity and Vanguard have the mutual fund supermarket.

    Mutual funds are divided into open-ended or closed-ended funds. Open-ended funds are open to new buyers and the fund can continue to grow with no limit on the number of buyers. Closed-end funds open with a limited amount of shares. Once the shares are depleted, the fund manager closes the fund. Closed-ended funds are usually on the New York Stock Exchange or the American Stock Exchange.

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