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Mutual Fund Courses

In order to have a successful career in mutual funds management, individuals must get proper training and certification before they begin working at a mutual fund company.

Mutual fund accountants need a 4 year business degree preferably in Accounting or Finance and possess excellent mathematical and computer skills. Some employers require a Masters degree in Accounting or a Certified Public Accountant(CPA) certification excellent mathematical and computer skills.

A mutual fund accountant handles the accounting functions for the mutual funds the company is responsible for.

The accounting functions include: maintaining balances in the accounts, making sure the company is compliance with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), provides detailed annual and monthly reports on profit/loss and fund values, calculate the Net Asset Value(NAV) on each fund the company has, determine the current cash value on each fund the company has, and acts as a liaison between investors and internal management.

Mutual fund account managers need a 4 year business degree preferably Finance or Accounting and have a strong background in the mutual fund industry. Some employers may require the Chartered Financial Analyst

(CFA), a Certified Fund Specialist(CFS) or the Certified Financial Planner(CFP). The Chartered Financial Analyst(CFA) certification enables an individual to have knowledge in all aspects of portfolio management and security analysis of all mutual funds that the company holds. A Certified Fund Specialist(CFS) gives an individual the opportunity to build on their knowledge of mutual fund management. The Certified Financial Planner(CFP) counsels investors on what type of financial planning fits their personal needs. They provide information about mutual funds.

In addition to certifications, mutual fund accountants and managers must maintain professional credits in order to be in good standing with governing boards.

A mutual fund manager is responsible for managing the daily financial happenings of an investor's portfolio. Depending on the size of the company, the fund manager could oversee several portfolios. The fund manager takes care of buying and selling of securities and reworking of the portfolio if the funds take a hit on the market. Unfortunately, fund managers are the first people to take the brunt of when a fund does not perform well. Mutual fund managers are asked to discuss how the fund is performing to internal management as well as investors but are not allowed to discuss how much the company holds in any mutual fund.

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