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Mutual Funds
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Mutual Fund Family

There are different ways to invest your money. Investing in mutual funds is one way. Unlike stock funds, which are one particular company, a mutual fund is a security that invests in several commodities. This gives the smaller investor a chance to purchase funds which they may never be able to afford otherwise. Mutual funds are managed , unlike stock funds. Therefore they are fees attached to mutual funds. These fees are assessed to pay for the managing of the funds , and hopefully to give you the best rerun on your investment.

Some mutual funds are part of a group of funds that are marketed under the same name, and usually have the same company that handles the buying and selling of the funds. One investment advisor usually handles the entire family of funds. There are thousands of mutual funds and hundreds of mutual fund families. Some mutual fund in the family are low risk funds while others are medium, or high risk. Before investing in any mutual fund, be sure to know the funds history, objective, chargers, and expenses.

Most fund families have a very diverse group of funds. This gives the investor more choices on how they want to invest their money. Even though all the funds belong to a family of funds, they may all be different when it comes to risk factors, and redemption methods and fees. Some funds charge mush higher fees because the fund is a lot harder to manage, Others may charge a smaller fee, for the opposite reason. Of course the higher the risk the more likely the higher the pay out, and most likely the higher the fees attached.

Investing in a family of funds gives the investor several options. It offers the investor diversity without having to purchase several stocks. It simplifies their

investment plan yet can still offer many options. There are several families of funds and they all have the same goal, to make money for the company and its investors. The difference is the managers of the funds. The strategies are different and what they invest in, and how much will vary. Its important that if you plan on investing in any fund family that read research the funds, and select the ones that fit your criteria and objectives.

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