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Mutual Fund News

In today's 24-hour news cycle, investors seeking mutual fund news do not have to engage in an African-safari-type hunt to track it down. It is streaming live on their iPhone or Blackberry or personal computer or laptop or another of the myriad information suppliers available in here in the Information Age.

A simple search on Google or Yahoo shows mutual fund news outlets available on the Internet that are as disparate as AmericanCentury, Money Management Executive, CNNMoney, webcrawler, Forbes, Fund Action, Morningstar, and many, many more.

Many of these websites offer the diehard investor myriad options in order for him or her to stay one step ahead of the competition, unless, of course, the competition has already clicked onto the site and usurped the precious information. Some of these options include investing ideas, fund analyst picks, fund pick performance, video reports on different funds, fund investor newsletters, forums, blogs, investing classrooms, analyst research and overall general business news.

In order to best give examples of the types of articles one might find on these mutual fund news sites, it's revealing to take a peek at some of the typical headlines. Investors clicking on to CNNMoney, for instance, might see topics as wide-ranging as, "3 Reasons Not To Ditch Dodge & Cox International" and "Living On Chinese Stocks" and "How Main Street Banks Get What They Want."

There are many tools the investor has available to him or her other than the ones mentioned above. Basically they come in three main categories. They are screening tools, research tools and portfolio tools.

Within the screening tools group, investors can choose from a premium screener, which utilizes hundreds of data points to search databases for mutual funds to purchase. Investors interested in the research tools can them find a replacement fund for one in which they are dissatisfied. One that is similar in investment style and portfolio as the underperforming fund. Portfolio tools determine which combination of cash, bonds and stocks are going to provide the investor with ideas on how he or she can meet investment goals with the lowest possible risk.

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