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Mutual Fund Recommendations

There are a wide range of sources for advice, information, news and recommendations for today's mutual fund investors. Some of these sources can provide mutual fund advice while others offer news and information. Then there are a few that offer both. You can get mutual fund advice from online sources, in magazines, on radio and television programs but it is very seldom personalized or tailored to the small investor's needs or investment objectives. Mutual fund information is not the same thing as mutual fund advice.

Investors need the ability to recognize when reports are made say on CNBC that a particular mutual fund has gained 25% over the past 12 months it does not mean that CNBC endorses that particular fund. Portfolio managers are often seen on TV and radio programs talking of how well their funds are doing but a portfolio manager's appearance on a show does not necessarily reflect the shows recommendation for that fund. It may indicate it is newsworthy but it is not an endorsement necessarily. Mutual fund advice though is a suggestion based on fact and opinion and can be considered to be a formal mutual fund recommendation.

Investors are wise to remember when following advice offered on radio or television that the media has the ability to create perceived credibility of almost anyone offering mutual fund advice. Using plain language down to earth psychologically based presentations of financial advice marketers can entice investors to choose their funds. It is like the old saying if it is on TV it must be true but all advice should be verified by other sources and the actual track record and credibility of the adviser.

When all is said and done, in the end it still comes down to you the investor to decide who is giving the best recommendations and whether their sources are credible or not. The background of anyone providing mutual fund advice and recommendation should be evaluated. Their websites should have their biography showing their track record as investment advisor, if it is limited then you may want to look at others. So in the overall picture due diligence on behalf of the investor is defiantly a requirement and cross referencing between many sources for your best recommendations is wise.

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