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Mutual Funds
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Mutual Funds Price

To determine what the price of a mutual fund is and whether it is a one you would consider investing in you need to consider the net asset value (NAV). The net asset value is the total worth of the mutual finds assets after you subtract off all of the liabilities and debits from that sum. For example: if a fund had securities and assets worth $100 million and liabilities of $10 million the company's NAV would be $90 million but only at that particular day. In most cases the NAV is when you are in the process of making transactions to do with mutual funds this is the number you will consider. Mutual funds are bought and sold on the market according to their NAV on that day.

The fund manager of a mutual funds portfolio will calculate the net asset values of the individual funds daily as these portfolios may consist of many and varied stocks. Due to daily fluctuations of stocks the prices may raise or lower several times in the run of a day which often makes it difficult for the mutual fund manager to put a true value on it. That is why mutual fund companies opt to just value these portfolios and the different mutual fund items once a day only. This becomes the price that investors go by and must buy and sell the mutual funds at.

When calculating the value the exact valuation process may ultimately vary from one mutual fund to another. For example some funds may use the average of the last three prices the funds were traded at. The rule is though that each mutual fund must set a value as their net asset value (NAV) only once a day.

An index fund that is traded like a stock, such as an exchange-traded fund, (ETF), determines the NAV initially when the fund is created. The market forces then determine the price that the shares will be traded at. The typical or normal NAV of an exchange-traded fund will be pretty close to the market price but in some cases the price may be slightly higher or even slightly lower than the actual NAV.

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