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Mutual Funds Rating

Mutual funds are as diverse as those who invest in them. So, there are times when an individual becomes uncertain as to which mutual fund or funds to invest his money. However, the decision will become easier as the investor studies to know as much as he can about the mutual fund, its purchase price, its expense ratio, and the mutual funds rating. The rating of mutual funds means exactly that--a rating according to how well the fund performs in giving returns for investment. In other words, just how much money may possibly result from the funds investment; however, even this cannot be a 100 percent guarantee. Yet, in knowing the rating of the funds, the investor can be more confident in his choices as to where to invest his money.

When the investor begins studying the market by reading investment papers and magazines, he will discover which funds prove to be "top-performing." He can also visit websites that rate mutual funds. One of the most helpful research and rating agencies for mutual funds is Morningstar. This top-rated organization rates mutual funds according to a range of 0 to 5 stars, with 5 stars being the highest ranking. Of course, there are other elements to consider when investing; but knowing the ratings of mutual funds helps in making an informed decision.

Another source to consult is the website of Businessweek which is a respected magazine and paper company considered dependable in giving unbiased ratings for mutual funds. One other website many people refer to is TheStreet.com which originates from Jim Cramer and his program, Jim Cramer's Mad Money. The website is a great source for both stock and mutual fund ratings. The ratings here are listed as A, B, C, D, and F, with the same ratings as a student's report card. There are other sources, as well, that provide mutual fund ratings. One such source is Standard and Poors which rates stocks and mutual funds based on past and future potential. Ultimately, the wise investor will compare several sources and their mutual fund ratings as a part of his decision making. He will also realize that no rating is "written in stone" and is as vulnerable to change as the stock market is in today's fluctuating economy.

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