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Mutual Funds
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Mutual Funds Software

Mutual funds software programs, fund trading software, mutual fund tracking software and many others are computer programs designed to make dealing with and tracking your investment portfolio. It is also a decision making tool that can help you get the overall picture before making major decisions. As in other software of this nature it can be either scientific in nature or an accounting type program. Decisions that are often overwhelming, laborious and erroneous are easier for investor's advisors once they can see the investment funds data compiled and analyzed. A mutual fund software program deals specifically with portfolio and investments offering decision making assistance concerning the mutual funds. There are many names for these software programs and specific tools or programs dedicated to specific aspects of your funds.

The software is usually preloaded with data bases and various formulas for different tasks you may need calculate to make informed decisions. They are rapid and should be error free. Used in conjunction with the internet the software will deliver real time data on your mutual funds and other investments. When programmed properly the software can provide the advice that a financial advisor would have previously offered you. It calculates the critical parameters such as dollar cost average and value cost average and yields over different time frames. Dollar cost average and value cost average are terms for mathematical formulas that calculate average cost to you for your investments over long-term periods and under different terms. Lower average costs equates to better return when you are ready to exit from your holding.

If you already have a reliable fund manager then the software would only be used as a tool to organize and track your investment so may not really be necessary for you but if you are going to purchase a software program of this type research the different types available online, in bookstores and software retailers. Research the programs on the internet, to determine what each mutual software package can offer. Speak to people in your investment group, your financial or fund managers for the pros and cons. Test-drive some of the programs and make sure they are user friendly to you. Weigh the costs over the return. If there is a free download try it for a while to see if it has any benefits to you or not.

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Wealth E-Office is a well known software tool among Wealth Management Firm and IFAs. It is a complete Wealth Management support system integrating all Products like Mutual Fund, Life Insurance, General Insurance, Post Office, Fixed Deposit, KVP, RBI Bond in a single portfolio, the good part in the software is every client based report is connected to SMS gateway which keep the client up to date by regular alerts. The Software is 100% web based, it give you and your client the freedom to access the system from any part of the world. To provide a paperless and fully centrally investment management environment for IFA and his/her clients is the vision with which Wealth E-Office is been made Specialty of the software. 1. Only Software in India builds according to current No Entry Load scenario. 2. Fee based model increase your earnings & technology keeps you ahead of competition. 3. All financial products in a single portfolio, helps you to become a true "Wealth Manager". 4. This software has capacity to handle your AUM of Rs.3000 Cr & 1 Lakh plus Clients. 5. Each client gets separate account login to check net worth online. 6. Automatic SMS Alerts to client, it can be set by you and Clients. 7. 100% online, you can access from anywhere, any time. redvisiontech dot com call: 9302980808

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