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Mutual Funds
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Mutual Stock Funds

Stock or equity funds as they are also referred to are basically mutual funds that invest strictly in stocks. Considered to be a higher risk for loss than any other type of investments such as bond funds or money market funds they also have the potential to return the highest potential return in investment. Equities traditionally over extended periods of time historically tend to outdo bonds and cash investments and for the sake of stock mutual funds when stocks tend to do well so do they. This cannot be taken for granted though for funds often vary greatly depending on their stated objectives, management methods and what companies of industries they decide to invest in.

Growth funds invest in stocks that may have the potential of long-term capital appreciation. These types of investments are looking for long term growth and do not pay out much in dividends. Instead they are more concerned with increasing value and allow the funds to take advantage of capital gains. Growth funds are more volatile than most other funds and tend to rise more quickly but they also can fall much lower.

Value Funds spend investors money on companies that are considered good bargains because although they may not be oh the preferred list for investors. This could be because of changing investor's attitudes, a poor quarterly report, or hard times in a certain industry. They can also be mature companies who although they have stopped growing still pay regular dividends out of company earnings.

Similar to regular growth funds...aggressive growth funds are just more extreme. These types of investments tend to go after companies that are experiencing accelerated earnings and/or revenue growth. Aggressive growth funds are also traded more often and do tend to be riskier than normal growth funds. For an investor they can be quite volatile and considered risky investments.

Blend funds allow the investor to achieve both modest growth and also value objectives. They invest in both growth and value stocks to supply not only current income but long-term capital gains benefits. These types of funds normally tend to be slightly more risky than value funds but less of a risk than investing in growth funds alone.

Sector funds are also a stock option and these invest in a single sector or market such as energy or technology. When considering investing in sector funds you must chose carefully because these types of funds may have a lot of potential but the risk factor can also be very high.

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