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Mutual Funds
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New Mutual Funds

If you are new to investing, you might want to invest in mutual funds. As a new mutual funds investor, you become a shareholder. You invest money into an open-ended fund with lots of other people through an investment company. Many people want to invest their money into something which will give them a good return for their money, but they aren't quite what type of money making vehicle they should invest in. There are thousands of different types of mutual funds to invest in if you are interested.

If you want to invest into a mutual fund, but you aren't quite sure what to do, you can sign up with a major no-load company. A no-load company is an investment company that does not charge the shareholders a sales commission, which is known as a load. If you are interested in investing with a no-load company, you might be interested in a company like T. Rowe Price, Fidelity, or Vanguard.

You can invest in mutual funds for retirement purposes, saving for your children's college educations. You can invest in ETFs (Exchanged Traded Funds), money market funds, bond funds and other funds that are available. If you are just starting out as a new mutual funds investor, you want your risk to be as low as possible. You will want to invest in something quite safe, such as a money market fund. Money market funds are stable investments, because their value remains constant. Your earnings from interest will vary according to what the interest rates are in the present economy. The interest rates could change from time to time, and your earnings will fluctuate accordingly, but the value of your fund will remain constant.

Hopefully, your new mutual funds investment was a good experience. Once you feel confident about investing your money, you might want to increase your risk just a little bit. A balanced fund is another mutual fund that you can invest in, which is also designed for the beginning investor. There are different types of balanced funds, which include the traditional balanced fund, target retirement funds, life cycle funds, and asset allocation funds. People who invest in balanced funds usually invest in stocks and bonds at a ratio of 60 percent and 40 percent respectively.

Money market mutual funds and balanced mutual funds are two of the safest types of investing for the new mutual funds investor. Before investing your money, do a thorough research about the type of fund you would like to invest in. Also be sure to open an account with a reputable company that does not charge you a commission on your investment.

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