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Rowe Price Mutual Funds

The T. Rowe Price Group (MASDAQ: TROW) was founded in 1937 by Thomas Rowe Price Jr. It is a publicly owned investment firm with headquarters in Baltimore, Maryland. When the topic of investments and mutual funds come up the name of T. Rowe Price is often one of the first trading companies spoken of in the world of investors and there is good reason for this. T. Rowe Price is an established and well respected company that offers a variety of mutual funds, sub-advisory services and investment accountant management for individuals as well as for institutions, retirement plans, and other financial intermediaries. This firm also is adept at investment planning and can provide guidance tools.

The founder is credited in financial investment history for instituting the growth stock philosophy that put emphasis on companies with earnings and dividends being expected to grow more rapidly than inflation and the economy as a whole. Price broke away from the traditional charging of clients by commission and began charging by fee based on the assets his company was managing for the client.

T. Rowe Price employs close to 5,000 people worldwide. It currently holds more than 25 stock funds, 25 bond funds, 15 international funds, 20 asset allocation funds and five money market funds. . This company has over $315.6 billion in assets under global management as of June 30, 2009 and in the business firms worldwide it is ranked in the top twenty list as well as one of Business Week's Customer Service Champs.

A company of this size is also bound to have its problems as well and in 2008 they made news by disclosing their Retirement Plan Service customer files with names and social security numbers had been compromised. T. Price Rowe offered all clients that were affected a one-year subscription to a credit monitoring service and $25,000 in identity theft insurance.

T. Rowe Price has offices worldwide in such places as Buenos Aries, Sydney, Australia, Copenhagen, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Toronto, Washington, Colorado, Luxembourg, Zurich, Amsterdam and Singapore just to name a few. Also, walk in centers have been introduced across the United States Colorado, D.C., Florida, Baltimore, Mass., Md., New York and VA

The President and Chief Executive officer of T. Rowe Price is James A. C. Kennedy.

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