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Mutual Funds
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Scudder Mutual Funds

Investors considering putting some of their hard-earned money into mutual funds might want to consider Scudder mutual funds. DWS Scudder or DWS Investments is a branch of Deutsche Bank, a global leader in the financial investment management arena.

Back in 1919, Scudder, Stevens and Clark became known as The Scudder Mutual Fund. It became famous for presenting to the United States the first no-load fund. Deutsche Bank bought Scudder in 2002 and in 2008, as the United States part of Deutsche Bank's Asset Management division, DWS Scudder made an official name change to DWS Investments.

As with any type of financial undertaking, it's important to get a handle on exactly what this type of investment this is in order to best know how to interpret the data uncovered. When one invests in a mutual fund, one is essentially investing in a company that has been created for the sole expressed purpose of investing money. The mutual fund, then, receives its principal, assets and stock from individuals, who invest their money with the mutual fund with the understanding that the mutual fund will make most, if not all, decisions on the investment of their money.

It is common for a mutual fund company to employ technical analysts to aid in monitoring the fund's investments. Typically, these analysts keep their eyes focused on trading volumes and price movements in order to try and uncover patterns of certain stocks regarding their price behaviors. They also track commodities, other mutual funds, and options in identified sectors of the market and the financial markets overall.

As Deutsche Bank's retail branch within the United States, DWS Investments has assets of more than $80 billion. Mutual funds in the DWS Investments family are sub-divided into several different funds. These include value funds, growth funds, alternative funds, asset allocation funds, global funds, index-related funds, income and tax-free income funds, sector funds and blend funds.

DWS Investments and its group of experienced financial advisors have seen an increase in positive coverage from independent rating agencies and different types of media. Also, two funds managed by DWS Investment won a Lipper Fund Award in 2007 (when it was known as DWS Scudder).

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I have Scudder International In genaeral, it appears that Scudder funds are best described as "overpriced under-performers"

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