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Tip of the Day Pay All Credit Card Balances In Full Each Month

Pay All Credit Card Balances In Full Each Month - It is necessary to pay all credit card balances in full each month to prevent paying extremely high interest rates...

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Amortized Value

Amortized Value - The amortized value of any stock exchange security, which is determined by the process of amortization. Amortization is understood to mean the gradual depletion of a liability from the company's portfolio, such as a mortgage, loan, or lien against the company's property. The reduction of the liability occurs when the company makes regularly scheduled payments over a time specified in an agreement or contract. These payments are usually calculated to pay off both the principal owed and any interest that is occurred during the specified period. Just like when you buy a house through a bank?it is amortized to be paid back by a specific date.

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Definition of the Day Coverage Ratio

Coverage Ratio - the term coverage ratio is a type of accounting tool that helps measure a company’s ability to survive and grow.  Simply by comparing the company’s assets (gross profits) and liabilities (expenses) are a form of figuring the coverage ratio. The higher the assets, and the lower...

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