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Tip of the Day Get a Professional Certificate

Get a Professional Certificate - When you decide which profession you wish to enter, you should check first to see if your chosen field offers a certificate. If it does...

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    Average Weighted Maturity

    Average weighted maturity - The average weighted maturity is the weighted average of time it will take all mortgages in a mortgage-backed security fund to come to term or mature. The higher the average weighted maturity the longer it will take for the securities to mature on average. The average weighted maturity is also called an average effective maturity. To determine the average weighted maturity you would calculate the average mortgage value by dividing it into the total of all mortgages in the fund. The average weighted maturity is a measure used to determine how sensitive a fixed income fund is to interest rates changes and the longer the average weighted maturity, means the more volatile the fund.


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    Definition of the Day Bearer Share

    Bearer Share - A bearer share is a stock certificate, which happens to be the property of whomever owns the stock certificate at the time, but no record of the ownership is maintained, or issued, by the company who issued the initial shares. A stock certificate is a document that...

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