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Tip of the Day Play the IRA Game Smart

Play the IRA Game Smart - When planning for your retirement it is always wise to do it in the right order so that you have the plan with the...

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    Capital Gains

    Definition: The money gained when a stock appreciates (goes up).  For example, if you owned 10 shares of stock that you paid $15 for and it went up to $30, you would have $150 in capital gains.

    TeenAnalyst Advice: Capital gains are where you'll make the majority of your money if you invest in common stock.  Some people think you make most of your money from dividend.html">dividends.  That's wrong.

    It's also important to realize that you'll have to pay taxes on the capital gains you receive.  This is called a capital gains tax.  However, if you hold the stock for a while, you might qualify to pay a reduced capital gains tax called the "long-term capital gains tax."  It's yet another benefit of buy and hold investing!


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    Definition of the Day Permanent Financing

    Permanent Financing - When a need arises for a company or individual to purchase or develop something that is not expected to be sold in the next fiscal year, such as office furniture or manufacturing equipment, this is called a long term fixed asset. Often short term financing is required...

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