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Mutual Funds
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Tip of the Day Get A Rewards Card

Get A Rewards Card - A rewards card is always a good option if you need a credit card. These no-fee hassle reward cards allow you to charge each...

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Compensation Package

Compensation Package – a compensation package is the total worth of assets and benefits an employee receives. A compensation package is the entire amount an employee will receive from the employer, but is broken down into groups.  The salary the employee will receive is the most major part of a compensation package...  vacation pay and the number of total paid sick days awarded to the employee.  The entire amount of a pension is also figured in the compensation package. Insurance coverage the employee receives and the value of the policy. An exit compensation package is a package an employee gets after his employment is terminated

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A compensation package is something that you get as an extra addition to your salary in place of extra hours you work or extra work you do. The meaning can actually change from one corporation or organization to another.

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Definition of the Day Guaranteed Stock

Guaranteed Stock - Guaranteed Stock is common stock certificate or preferred stock certificate with dividends guaranteed by the insurer of record. The common stock certificates or preferred stock certificates guarantee gives the stock certificates a much higher value. The value translates into a higher...

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