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Seek Professional Help - For most of us our days are busy enough and trying to plan an investment strategy is beyond our means of understand or our time requirements....

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Denomination - a denomination is the face amount of any currency or any security or bond... Face amount means the amount stated on the policy... The term, denomination, applies to mist financial instruments, banks, investment brokers, mutual funds, stock or bonds... It merely means anything of value, or face value when it comes to insurance policies. The denomination for bonds and securities would be face value, whereas the denomination for currency would be the printed amount. An example of currency denomination would be $25 dollars, in the denomination of 5 singles, one 10, and two, $5 dollar bills

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Control Premium – a control premium is amount of money or assets an investor will pay to gain control of a company.  The control premium in most case is higher then the market value of the company.  The control premium is the actual difference in shares that an investor has...

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