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Tip of the Day Negotiate the Selling Price

Negotiate the Selling Price - You have your down payment in place and you know how much you can spend to purchase your new home, but that doesn't mean...

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    Direct Cost

    Direct Cost – A direct cost is the one that is related to the actual manufacturer of a product or services. This is the amount before any one that sells the item adds on their cost to create the retail price the customer has to pay. And often the price one ends up seeing at a store can be attributed to some increased in the charge by the manufacturer of a given item. Though there are other reasons for prices by retailer to increase, this is one that definitely is a major factor. And naturally anyone who is resells such items has to consider manufacturer’s possible increases in prices.

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    Definition of the Day Market Neutral

    Definition: Market neutral investing attempts to remove the market risk from their portfolios by being both long and short in...

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