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Tip of the Day Consider Community College or Online College For Your First Year or Two

Consider Community College or Online College For Your First Year or Two - If you are finding you need the education but don't have the funds, or want to take...

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Dirty Stock

Dirty Stock - When a stock is sold, the title must be transferred to the buyer. This transfer takes place on the specified delivery date. In order for this transfer to happen in the proper manner, the certificate must have endorsements that are stipulated in the certificate, and meet all the requirements laid out in the transfer. In the event that all the necessary requirements are not met with in the specified time period or the endorsements required are not obtained, for whatever reason, the stock is then referred to as dirty stock.

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Definition of the Day Residual Security

Residual Security - Residual Security is both an interesting and, very effective tool used by many investors and, businessmen in the business industry for diluting the earnings per share on initial stock issued. This is a common practice within the business community in order to increase the number of shares...

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