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Tip of the Day Keep at Lease Three Month's Worth of Living Expenses in a Savings Account or High-Yield Money Market Account

Keep at Lease Three Month's Worth of Living Expenses in a Savings Account or High-Yield Money Market Account - Because we need to rely on our emergency funds during time...

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Earnings Yield

Earnings Yield - an earnings yield is the earning per share for the past 12 months, divided by the current price per share, Earnings yield are reported in percentages for easy bond comparisons. It is the reciprocal to the P/E ratio (price to earnings ratio). The earnings yield can be used to compare stock earnings. It also can be used to compare the whole market against bond yields... In most cases the earnings yield of equities are much higher then in risk free treasury bonds Earnings yield is basically the amount of earnings you buy for every dollars worth of stock you purchase

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