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Tip of the Day Don't try to Pick Stocks

Don't try to Pick Stocks - Some of us when we have extra money think that we can invest it in the stock market and earn some returns on...

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Equity Research

Definition: Equity research analysts analyze companies in order to find possible investments.  Sell-side equity research is when these analysts provide their research to clients.  Buy-side equity research is when the analysts do their own research to invest their firm's money (e.g. mutual funds, hedge funds).

Advice: A good amount of equity research has been tainted, particularly on the sell-side, due to conflicts of interest.   When reading these reports, be sure to take everything with a grain of salt.


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General and Administrative Overhead – These are costs related to the operation of a firm the stem form its general functions. It also applies to expenses related to any administrative functions. While these are necessary parts of a company’s overhead, it doesn’t necessarily mean any cost that are the result...

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