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Plan - Part of retiring without losing your current benefits and standard of living is due to planning for your retirement and starting early. Today the social security people...

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Definition: A grant is a form of federal or state financial aid that does not need to be repaid.  They're typically given to people who demonstrate financial need.

Advice: Grants are amazing sources of financial aid for people with need.  Need is determined by filling out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).  We highly recommend every prospective college student to fill one of these out--even if you don't qualify for grants, you may receive scholarships or favorable loans.


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amo said:

what is the precise definition of a grant?

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Teachers should also promote extra activities for their physical and mental growth. They should encourage sports and debate competition. They should assign different activities through which their creative skills can be developed.

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I am wondering how can be avail grant. Is this applicable for the people who working in the private firm? Such financial aids will be a great help for the workers and the people who are interested in doing business.

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I am confused with the trems grant and scholarship. Is grant given for education purpose only? I have applied for education loan last month and still it is not processed. Thanks for sharing this useful info.

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