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Tip of the Day Keep at Lease Three Month's Worth of Living Expenses in a Savings Account or High-Yield Money Market Account

Keep at Lease Three Month's Worth of Living Expenses in a Savings Account or High-Yield Money Market Account - Because we need to rely on our emergency funds during time...

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Green Fund

Definition: Green funds are mutual funds that invest in socially-responsible companies that do not take part in immoral or unethical activities.  As a rule of thumb, this typically excludes tobacco and gaming companies, as well as those with questionable labor practices or environmental policies.

Advice: If you're extremely socially-conscious, these funds may be a good bet.  However, excluding "sin" investments limits the number of good opportunities the funds can perform.  It has not yet been proven that these funds can outperform the market over the long-term.  But if you're willing to give up a little bit of return in exchange for better sleep at night, you might want to consider these.


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