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Hot Call

Definition: A hot call is when a stock broker or other investment professional calls one of their leads.  These are typically people who have said that they want to open an account with them prior to the phone call.  A call where the broker does not personally know the client is called a "cold call."

TeenAnalyst Advice: Obviously, hot calls have a greater rate of success than cold calls.  They say for every 50 cold calls a broker places, he'll get 3 appointments.  Of those, only 1 will result in a new client.  But hot calls (and "warm calls" in which a mild amount of interest is expressed by the client) result in much better turnover rates.


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Merchant Bankcard Services said:

Let us have a deeper look into the explanatory side of the term hot call. Well.,..hot call occurs when the stock trader calls for one of the leads. These category people are moire inserted in opening up accounts often.

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Some of the cold calling that is done in sales is not actually wasting time. It's not just with stock brokers. We at Horizon Innovations Inc review all forms of getting new customers and it turns out that cold calling is really effective in our line of work here in Jacksonville, Florida. If you need any help with this, just search for some Horizon Innovations Inc reviews online and you can find some free information that we have put out there.

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Some of the best cold calling measures can be found at Horizon Innovations in Jacksonville, Florida. Several of the staff members have mastered the art and are very innovative with their approach. Just check out the Horizon Innovations Inc wordpress blog and see for yourself.

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If you really want the sale, you won't wait for a 'hotcall' or a 'warm lead.' According to Horizon Innovations, you should just go out there and get it done. People will buy from you if they like you.

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Tips to invest in stock market through brokers.

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