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Tip of the Day Spend Less Than You Earn

Spend Less Than You Earn - To spend less than you earn, basically, means to live within your means. In other words, if you don't have the cash to...

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Iceland Stock Exchange (ICEX)

Iceland Stock Exchange (ICEX) - The Iceland Stock Exchange is the main trading exchange located in the nation of Iceland. It is where they list Icelandic exchange items such as bonds, stocks and mutual funds, which are traded by electronic means. They are listed with the exchange on either a Main List or some Alternates. The Alternate Lists are also used for over the counter trading and they are subject to strict regulations. This exchange was created in 1985 by a unified effort of various banks and firms. After 2002 the exchange has been also referred to by some under the name, Kaupholl Islandshf.

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Jonny Boy said:

Jodi - I have a slightly different definition - let me know if it rocks: The Iceland Stock Exchange (ICEX) is a mutual joint adventure established of several banks and brokerage firms combining. In 1986 the Iceland Stock Exchange opened its doors and began trading on the open market. It began trading with government bonds and in equities in 1990. The companies trading are small and relatively liquid. Domestic trading of the Iceland government bonds, his equities, and the mutual funds is a moving market. No mutual funds currently listed on the Iceland stock market. In January 1999 the Iceland Stock Exchange listed as a private company owned by twenty nine percent of the corporations.

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Other customs that are common global comprise watching fireworks and singing songs to welcome the new year, including the ever-popular âAuld Lang Syneâ in many English-speaking countries. The practice of making resolutions for the new year is believed to have caught on among the ancient Babylonians, who made promises so that you can earn the favor of the gods and start off on the right foot.

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