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Tip of the Day Have An Emergency Fund

Have An Emergency Fund - In life, things happen that we don't expect, car breaks down or an appliance dies, and unless you have an emergency fund tucked away you...

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In Kind

In Kind – “In kind” refers to a non-cash form of compensation utilized by an individual or a company.  A business, especially within the retail sector, will dole out discounts to its employees as payment instead of additional bonus or overtime income.  Another example occurs when wholesale mortgage lenders set up rebate prices for their brokers as a form of concession.  Outside of the business realm, gifts in kind are often handed out to charities or non-profit organizations.  Such examples include providing workforce for disaster relief in devastated areas such as New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.

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Definition of the Day Equity Research

Definition: Equity research analysts analyze companies in order to find possible investments.  Sell-side equity research is when these analysts provide...

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