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Tip of the Day Seek Professional Help

Seek Professional Help - For most of us our days are busy enough and trying to plan an investment strategy is beyond our means of understand or our time requirements....

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Investing Glossary - K

    Keltner Channel

    Keltner Channel - Keltner Channel is an advanced technical analysis method, which uses an upper and lower band to indicate a ten-day moving average around typical market price. A close around the upper band to signify a bull market and close around the lower band is to signify a bear market. This analysis technique named for Chester Keltner, although it is uncertain he was the actually the originator of the idea. The trading strategy is to regard a close above the upper line as a strong bullish signal, or a close below the lower line as strong bearish sentiments, and...

    Keogh Plan

    Definition: A retirement plan set up by a self-employed individual for himself and his employees (if applicable).  The money grows tax-deferred. TeenAnalyst Advice: Keogh plans are like 401(k) plans for self-employed people.  They give the person a tax benefit for saving for their retirement. ...

    Keynesian Economics

    Definition: The theory of economics that centers around the idea that the economy is best run when it is controlled by government intervention. TeenAnalyst Advice: People who subscribe to the Keynesian line of theory, believe that strong government intervention is necessary to keep the economy operating smoothly. ...

    Key Reversal Day

    Key Reversal Day - Key Reversal Days are one of the most overrated patterns in the technical analysis. Many of the so-called experts and authors do not even know the proper definition for this technical term, and many websites have continued to promulgate similar misinformation. The pattern can provide for the early entry into reversals, but without confirmation, such as from momentum divergences, trading key reversals can prove to be a very high-risk strategy. The simplicity of entry though, and the clear rules associated with trading it, make the pattern a simple one to identify, once you know the correct...

    Kid Tax

    Definition: A tax applied to any income a child under the age of 14 receives in excess of $1200.  The income earned over this level is taxed at the parent's rate. TeenAnalyst Advice: If a child under the age of 14 earns over $1200/year in income, they are obligated to pay taxes on it.  However, since...


    Definition: Kurtosis refers to the distribution of observed data around the mean (although not to be confused with standard deviation). More details: Investors can use kurtosis to describe the trends found in charts.  High kurtosis is characterized by fat...

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    Definition of the Day Control Premium

    Control Premium – a control premium is amount of money or assets an investor will pay to gain control of a company.  The control premium in most case is higher then the market value of the company.  The control premium is the actual difference in shares that an investor has...

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