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Tip of the Day Have An Emergency Fund

Have An Emergency Fund - In life, things happen that we don't expect, car breaks down or an appliance dies, and unless you have an emergency fund tucked away you...

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Investing Glossary - Numbers


    Definition: The Securities and Exchange Commission requires companies to file a yearly annual report of their operations.  This is not just an annual report like the public receives, because the company is obligated to only use provable facts (no speculation about future ...


    Definition: The Securities and Exchange Commission requires companies to file a 10-Q each quarter (except the last quarter of their fiscal year...because a 10-k is filed at that time).  The 10-Q has updated information about the companies earnings and financial ...


    Definition: A 12b-1 is a provision in securities law that allows mutual funds to charge an annual marketing fee to its investors.  This fee is typically between 0.2-1.0% and it is included in the fund's expense ratio.  Companies are required to disclose their 12b-1 ...


    Definition: When you get your first real job (a full-time job), this is one of the benefits you might receive.  It's named after its location in the government tax code and it allows you to save for retirement.  When you withdraw the money, it'll be tax-free.  In fact, your company might even match your savings dollar-for-dollar up to a certain amount per year (usually under $10,000)! One downside: Because 401(k) plans are directed by the company you work for, you are not given quite as many investment possibilities.  Most companies will either hire and outside professional to manage the 401(k) plans...


    Definition: This is much like a 401(k) plan in that it's a retirement account that allows you to make salary contributions.  The difference is that 403(b) plans are typically for people who are members of public organizations (schools), church organizations, ...

    529 Plan

    Definition: A 529 Plan is an investment plan that allows you to make prepayments for your child's (or your own) higher education.  Think of it as an account that allows you to save for college (if that wasn't already obvious). One big downside:  ...

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    Definition of the Day Claim Dilution

    Claim Dilution - a claim dilution is a decrease in the likelihood that one or more parties in a contract will be repaid in full.  A dilution is a change on earnings per share of a stock, and a claim dilution may occur if the following happens. A company adds...

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