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Tip of the Day Optimize your 401(k)

Optimize your 401(k) - In order to optimize your 401(k) you should try to get your employer to offer employer matching funds and set your contribution level to the level...

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Paid-in Capital

Paid-in Capital - Paid-in Capital is the amount of monetary value paid in by the stock investors during the common or preferred stock issuances, including the par value of the shares themselves. Paid-in capital is representative of the funds recently raised by the company or corporation derived from equity and not from ongoing operations. It is a company or corporations balance sheet entry list under stockholder equity, often shown in conjunction with, or alongside the balance sheet entry for additional capital raised. It compares to the capital and the difference between the two values which equal the premium paid by the initial investors.

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Definition of the Day Athens Stock Exchange

Athens Stock Exchange - The Athens Stock Exchange, also known at the ASE, is the major stock market or exchange, which is located in Athens, Greece and is operated by a council utilizing seven administrators. The Athens stock exchange uses a modern electronic system, called OASIS, for trading its trade...

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