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Tip of the Day Know When to File your Taxes

Know When to File your Taxes - For those of you who have been doing taxes a long time, you know that when you are expecting a refund you should...

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Performance-based Compensation

Performance-based Compensation This is a fee that is given to a hedge fund's general partner as a reward for good performance. When the hedge fund increases in value, the general partner will see this bonus increase considerably. In many cases, this compensation is given out when a certain goal is met and this goal is usually predetermined. In some cases, a mutual fund manager might also see some performance-based compensation, but this also usually occurs when a predetermined level has been attained by that manager. This is used as an incentive for these individuals to perform well on these ventures because the chance of a bonus is always there.

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Definition of the Day Bond Mutual Fund

Bond Mutual Fund - Bond mutual funds often focus on a particular type of bond such as municipal bonds, other government bonds, or corporate bonds. Municipal bonds are not a matter of Federal income taxes. You can steer clear of state taxes if you pick a...

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