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Tip of the Day Play the IRA Game Smart

Play the IRA Game Smart - When planning for your retirement it is always wise to do it in the right order so that you have the plan with the...

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    Permanent Capital

    Permanent Capital - When shares owned by and individual are represented by voting rights relative to those shares the investors have the right to access a company’s assets. These are referred to as “common” shares. Preferred stock is similar to common stock except that a specific dividend is paid to the stockholders before any dividends are paid to common stock holders. When these two types of shares are combined and calculated with the retained earnings (earnings which were re-invested in the business or use to pay off debts) of a given company, the total value is considered permanent capital in that it is perceived as a measurable and tangible asset as opposed to speculation.  


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    Definition of the Day Permanent Financing

    Permanent Financing - When a need arises for a company or individual to purchase or develop something that is not expected to be sold in the next fiscal year, such as office furniture or manufacturing equipment, this is called a long term fixed asset. Often short term financing is required...

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