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Plan - Part of retiring without losing your current benefits and standard of living is due to planning for your retirement and starting early. Today the social security people...

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Preferred Equity

Preferred Equity - Preferred equity is a measure of ownership interest in a corporation which only counts the preferred stock. Preferred Equity is equal to shareholder's equity (in total) minus common equity. Preferred equity shareholders usually receive their dividend before common equity holders. When a company is going bankrupt, preferred equity holders will be paid before common equity holders, but after the debt holders. Companies usually try to pay out par value of each equity. Preferred equity owners usually carry no voting rights. Other special rights to preferred equity may be issued by the board of directors of a company.

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Definition of the Day Minority Ownership

Minority Ownership - Minority Ownership is less than fifty percent ownership of a corporation voting stock, or not enough ownership to control the company operations. From a purely accounting point of view, parent company which owns less than one hundred percent, but more than fifty percent of a subsidiary presents...

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